This annual event, held in mid-September since 2014, features three teams from the Lower River Valley of the Connecticut River – the Chester Squirrels, the Deep River Haz-Beenz, and the ICE Elephants (comprised of players from Ivoryton, Centerbrook, and Essex). They play a round-robin tournament of three games using the rules of 1857. The first two years the games were 3 innings each, in 2016 the games were extended to 4 innings each.

The tournament is sponsored by the historical societies of Chester, Deep River, and Essex.

Former Middletown Mansfields player Tom Miceli is the coach of the Chester team.

In 2013, a the Ivoryton Nine played an 1864 match against the Lyme Taverners on Comstock Field in Essex in the Ivoryton Base Ball Classic. Jim Wyman (Thames BBC) served as the umpire. This success of this game led to the start of the Tri-Town tournament the following year.

Chester Squirrels (green/white) and ICE Elephants (black/white) – Tri-Town Game 2016 (Photo by Essex Historical Society)