2005 Newtown Sandy Hooks

Ray Shaw founded the team in 2005 and was the team’s general manager until his retirement in 2011. They were the first vintage team formed in Fairfield County, Connecticut. They play by the rules of the 1860’s, but also play by 1870 and 1880’s rules for some occasions. They last played a full schedule in 2016 when McLaughlin Vineyards, which had been their home field, closed suddenly. Since then they have played a very limited schedule but some of their team are very active as fill-ins for other current teams.

Their team web site, which was developed and maintained by Ray Shaw, was the envy of all other teams. Unfortunately, the web site fell into disuse after Ray’s retirement has been offline since 2011 but is still viewable via the magic of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. They still have an active Facebook page.

2010 Newtown Sandy Hooks