The Great Base Ball Re-Match was an event first held as part of the the City of Ansonia’s 125th birthday celebration, Summerfest, on July 19, 2014. The game matched the Ansonia Coppermen against the Derby Osbornedales. The teams had players from Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Oxford, Beacon Falls, Shelton and Monroe, CT. They played at Nolan Athletic Complex in Ansonia. The game was organized by Greg Martin. Newspaper sources have conflicting info about what rules they used for the match.

Ansonia Coppermen & Derby Osbornedales

Ansonia Coppermen & Derby Osbornedales – Great Base Ball Re-Match 2014 (Photo by Valley Independent Sentinel)

The following year another event, the Great Base Ball Re-Match 2, was organized with the Ansonia and Derby teams returning and two new teams, the Seymour Blacksmiths and Shelton Housatonics. It’s has not been verified whether those matches actually took place.