2017 Season Wrap-Up

As we head into the off-season after a successful 2017 campaign many teams will be renewing their recruiting efforts to find new players for next season. So if you have an interest in playing you should contact the team closest to you soon. The teams will be working together to put together our schedules for 2018 and working on co-ordinating our schedules so that we have as little overlap as possible to make it easier to draw from other teams as substitutes when needed.


Seaport’s Vintage Ball Team Needs A Revival

Few traditions die harder than baseball’s, which brings to mind a perennial bit of hardball wisdom:

What’s the difference between a Fenway Frank and a Yankee Stadium hotdog? You can buy a Yankee Stadium hotdog in October.

But this is about the passing of a baseball tradition, one that honored the game historically and aesthetically in our backyard for the last decade, with little fanfare and, alas, even fewer fans. Let us pause in memory of the lately disbanded Mystic Seaport Oceanics.

The Mystic nine, with their dark blue pants, white shirts emblazoned with a big red anchor and blue pillbox caps with red stripes, played in the Southern New England Vintage Base Ball League, part of the Vintage Base Ball Association. Way back when, in the country days, it was base ball, two words. The Mystic Oceanics was the name of a ball club organized here in 1868…

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